Think that Stevia’s Healthy?

I read a fascinating article about why this woman, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, no less, has decided that Stevia can be very harmful if consumed in large amounts – and has taken her family off of anything that contains this “natural” zero-calorie sweetener. You can find the article HERE.

It confirmed what I have been thinking all along – That it’s not a good idea to consistenly fool your body into thinking it is receiving sugar, when it really isn’t. We are wired to get ready for incoming glucose when we taste sweet. Our bodies need sugar (albeit in much smaller amounts than many adults in the country consume on a daily basis) & without it, we cease to function. What’s more important though, when you eat something that tastes sweet, such as Stevia, your body prepares to receive sugar. Instead it receives no calories and your body has very little to burn.

I wasn’t aware that stevia could cause some serious medical problems, such as influencing our hormones and taxing our adrenals.

It is my opinion, that a small amount of natural sugar every now and then, is better than eating mass amounts of Stevia. Plus, I think we can all agree that natural REAL sugar tastes better! 🙂

Do you consume Stevia? What are your thoughts?


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